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So we built a Game of Thrones throne out of IKEA boxes. What a Sunday

  • Dr. Bigelow: So you took a chance on being happy even though you knew that later on you would be sad.
  • Louie: Yeah.
  • Dr. Bigelow: And now you’re sad.
  • Louie: Yeah.
  • Dr. Bigelow: So, what’s the problem?
  • Louie: I’m too sad. Look, I — I liked the feeling of being in love with her, I liked it. But now she’s gone and I miss her and it sucks. And I didn’t think it was gonna be this bad, and I feel like why even be happy if it’s just gonna lead to this. You know, it wasn’t worth it.
  • Dr. Bigelow: Boy, misery is wasted on the miserable.
  • Louie: What?
  • Dr. Bigelow: You know, I’m not entirely sure what your name is, but you are a classic idiot. You think spending time with her, kissing her, having fun with her — you think that’s what it was all about? That was love?
  • Louie: Yeah.
  • Dr. Bigelow: THIS is love — missing her because she’s gone. Wanting to die. You’re so lucky, you’re like a walking poem. Would you rather be some kind of a fantasy, some kind of a Disney ride? Is that what you want? Don’t you see, this is the good part. This is what you’ve been digging for all this time. Now you finally have it in your hand, this sweet nugget of love. Sweet, sad love and you want to throw it away. You’ve got it all wrong.
  • Louie: I thought this was the bad part?
  • Dr. Bigelow: No! The bad part is when you forget her, when you don’t care about her, when you don’t care about anything. The bad part is coming, so enjoy the heartbreak while you can, for God’s sake.

You didn’t really hear or understand what it is that she wanted to say to you. 

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A Bob’s Burgers/Grand Budapest Hotel thingy I made today while I was supposed to be doing other things. Yayy (via dearlorenb)